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Happy Birthday Mick!

Unbelievable, but today is Mick's 1st Birthday. Man, time is flying by!
At the moment he's busy with the remainings of his presents i.e. the chew bone (since all the other snacks survived only minutes. ^^)

Yesterday Mick discovered a new favourite place... the top of the stairs where he has a great view and can proudly guard the house (though it seems it's less watching, but more curiosity. *gg*)

and now the new pics...




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  • Mick at play!

    Time for another little clip about Mick's favourite pastime.

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    Mick on film Sorry for the bad quality of the short videos, but they're recorded with a mobile phone.

  • Return of the Snowdog - Video Part

    From pet to snow monster within seconds Unbelievable but it's the same dog in both videos ;)

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