I want a new dog...

I found the old puppy photos of our late dog Rex yesterday. I'm absolutely sure now, we need a dog again as soon as possible.

Rex was so cute as a puppy and when I was watching the photos I remembered, when he died our family said we'll wait till next year before we get a new dog.

But next year is now!
We've been without a dog for 13 month. It's been clearly too long.

Next week is the Easter weekend, my sister is going to come for a visit and I'm quiet confident we can persuade the rest of the family to change their mind. So wish me luck. *g*

I can show you a few of the old photos here:
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Everyday life is back and I think a little bit of whining is allowed.
I could tell about the bad weather or that my car battery just has died much too young...but what really is bothering me at the moment:
I feel like I come to nothing...everything I finish, there are still more and more things waiting to be done.
It's like fighting the dragon with a pocketknife instead of a sword *lol*

At last the Xmas decorations are tucked in the attic for next year - even though yesterday I was convinced it won't ever happen.
Good for me I was wrong and maybe there's still hope at all.

Therefore I stop wailing now, get out my pocketknife and fight the next dragon ;)

P.S. I apologize to all who have bothered with reading my drivel :D


I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Have a nice time with your families and a bunch of presents under the tree.

See you!
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Welcome to my lj

Hi everybody,
finally I'm here. I don't know how it happened, cause it happened very fast. But as always, when women insist on something, resistance is futile *lol*
So I'm gonna try to post some stuff, which might be interesting for somebody - more or less.


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